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Use Cases

Vision for Cyber Skills Future



Your Challenge

When hiring  cyber talent, the stakes are high and the challenges unique. The rapidly changing tech landscape can make it tough to pin down exactly what skills are needed, risking mismatches that may disrupt your team's dynamics and lower morale. Additionally, the competitive market demands that you offer sometimes inflated salaries to prevent talent from slipping through your fingers. Compounding these issues is the high volume of applicants, which can overwhelm a hiring process, leading to potential loss of top candidates and wasted resources.

The Solution

With FifthDomain's platform, you can analyse the skills currently needed within your team, ensuring that your recruitment strategy is perfectly aligned with your real-time needs. Our  screening tools help you efficiently filter candidates, while our customized assessments rigorously test each individual's specific abilities. During the interview process, utilize our robust analytics to make informed decisions.

1. Define your required skills from role skills profile and job description.
2. Create and send out a screening challenge to quickly rule out any unsuitable applicants
3. Use an existing asssessment or create a new one send this out
4. Analyze results and conduct interviews with reports

Army CTF

Discover how the Australian Army enhanced cyber skills and ignited passion with engaging Capture the Flag events crafted by FIFTH DOMAIN.

1. Review Squad skills analysis and identify individual skill needs
2. Generate a list of recommended training activities
3. Analyse the post training skills benefit and adjust activities
4. Review the individual's skills and progression


Your Challenge

Navigating the myriad of training options can be overwhelming, especially when regulatory bodies have yet to establish clear professional skills standards. Security performance, influenced by the variability in technologies, threats, and tools, remains challenging to quantify due to the lack of appropriate measurement instruments. Furthermore, employees often struggle with identifying career aspirations due to the absence of formally recognized or widely accepted career pathways, making it difficult to ascertain how specific training activities might benefit their professional development.

The Solution

FIFTH DOMAIN empowers a targeted approach to assigning training. Starting with squad skills analysis to pinpoint individual skill needs, a curated list of recommended training activities is generated, ensuring relevance and alignment with career goals. Following training, the benefits are assessed, allowing for adjustments to maximize effectiveness. Continual review of each individual's skills and progression further refines the process, ensuring that training not only meets current requirements but also facilitates clear, measurable advancement in their cybersecurity career, directly linking training efforts to personal and professional growth.

DPS - SOC Maturity

Learn how FIFTH DOMAIN empowered The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) to fortify their cyber defenses and cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement within their team.



Your Challenge

In the rapidly evolving cyber landscape, managing team skills effectively presents considerable challenges. The absence of clear performance data can hinder the integration of new members, potentially perpetuating suboptimal practices. Defining cyber function skill requirements in response to changing cyber risks is often cumbersome, complicating the process of justifying personnel reassignments. Additionally, relying on peer colleague opinions which are biased by the reviewers' own skill levels. This limits the ability to accurately critique or validate advanced skills, highlighting the urgent need for a data-driven approach to verify skills and optimize team composition effectively.

The Solution

The FIFTH DOMAIN platform effectively addresses workforce management challenges by allowing organizations to define functions tailored to their specific needs. By assigning roles to these functions, it generates aggregate skills requirements. Personnel are then organized into squads to optimize skill coverage, and these squads are assigned to functions to analyze skills readiness. This structured approach ensures that skills are aligned with organizational needs, enabling a strategic, data-driven response to the dynamic demands of the cyber environment.

1. Define functions specific to your organisation
2. Analyze the performance of squads overtime to identify areas for attention
3. Assign your people to squads to maximise coverage
4. Assign squads to functions and analyse skills readiness

QLD Health

 Explore how FifthDomain bolstered the Queensland Department of Health's Security Operations Centre (SOC) for the cybersecurity demands of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, crafting a tailored training program to enhance capabilities and readiness.