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Two Packages for Two Options: Your Own People, or Your Customer's

 Building a cyber operations team to achieve and maintain cyber readiness is an ongoing endeavor. As a manager of such teams, you will constantly engage in hiring, training, and repositioning personnel to adapt to evolving challenges and requirements.   Additionally, the development of a robust cyber workforce frequently necessitates collaboration with external providers specializing in recruitment, training, and workforce structuring.   Our Consultant and Enterprise packages are specifically designed to support these distinct scenarios.


For recruitment, training teams, and consultants conducting sporadic or one-time Recruit and Develop services for their clients rather than ongoing personnel management.
Base account subscription plus each user activity pricing.

Competitions and Assessor products with event-level skills profiles.

Help desk and self-service support with optional service add-ons.
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For Enterprises conducting continuous Recruitment, Development, and Structuring activites requiring the comprehensive suite of products, with service support inclusions
Per seat subscription with unlimited user activities.

All products and features with event-level and enduring skills profiles.

Premium support and services inclusions.

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Full Participant Profile

Event Profile

Team Profile

Templated Events (assess)

Custom Events (comps, assess, courses)

Comp Tickets



Unlimited Affiliated

Unlimited Affiliated

Assessment Tickets


Build Labs from Templates

Build Custom Labs

Build Challenges

Challenge Store


Creat Teams

Affiliate Users

Org user permissions

Org branding



Help Desk Ticketing

Platform onboarding

Plantform configuration support

2 hours / year

10 hours / year


$200/m + fees

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