DPS Case Study - SOC Maturity

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Responsible for the security of Australia’s parliamentary communications and information, The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) recognized the critical need to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. FIFTH DOMAIN was entrusted with the task of elevating the operational proficiency of their cyber operations team through a comprehensive coaching program tailored to their specific needs.

Challenges Faced

DPS was confronted with several pressing challenges:

1. Skill Assessment and Upscaling: There was an urgent requirement to evaluate and enhance the cybersecurity skills of the team.
2. Integration of Continuous Improvement: DPS needed a sustainable training framework that could adapt to evolving cyber threats and technologies.
3. Real-World Application: It was essential for the training to include hands-on, realistic cybersecurity challenges to effectively prepare the staff.

Actions Taken

Through the FIFTH DOMAIN platform we helped DPS devise and implement a structured approach to tackle these challenges:

1. Defined a comprehensive baseline skills assessment, followed by a detailed analysis to tailor the training programs specifically to the needs identified.
2. Developed and delivered training packages that were aligned with the specific roles and responsibilities of the team members.
3. Assessed post-training performance to measure the effectiveness of the training, with continuous feedback used to further refine and optimize the learning path.
4. Optimised training pathways to ensure the training remained relevant and effective, setting a precedent for ongoing cycles of improvement.

Results Achieved

The collaborative efforts between DPS and FIFTH DOMAIN yielded significant results. 

- A skills baseline was established, identifying and setting a benchmark for the skills of the cyber operations team, which guided targeted investments in training. 
- Objective assessments uncovered previously overlooked individuals, adding valuable diversity and capability to the team. 
- Training sessions were designed to be conducted on-demand, allowing for minimal disruption to daily SOC operations.

Key Takeaways

The partnership with FIFTH DOMAIN not only fortified DPS's cyber defenses but also instilled a proactive culture of continuous learning and improvement within their team. The team is now better equipped to handle cybersecurity incidents with increased competence and confidence. The focused training approach has maximized the return on investment by honing in on critical skills and competencies. Additionally, the implementation of a continuous improvement cycle ensures that training remains relevant and effective over time, adapting to new challenges as they arise.

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